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Earn a Part-Time or Full-Time Income in Your Spare Time, Working From Home with Your Computer!

...and you DON'T need to be a computer wiz to do it!

From the desk of Marty Lauritsen:

Hello and welcome to my Home Income Website.

Working from home is a big dream for many. But fear holds us back. Below I have listed a few reasons why starting a home business is a great idea.

  • You Can Do What You Love. Most people have something that they really love to do. Getting paid for doing what you love is a dream come true.

  • You get to be the boss. No more working your fingers to the bone for someone else. You will be the boss and you will reap the rewards.

  • More Time with Your Family. No more missing out on weekends, family occasions or Holidays. You will be home for every special moment.

  • No More Wasting Time and Money Commuting. With the high price of fuel and the average 30 mile commute each way just think of the time and money you will save when you work from home!

These reasons alone are good enough to say "I am ready to start my own home business."

On this website you will find information and links to some fantastic companies, tools and resources that have helped many thousands of people from all corners of the globe start, grow, and prosper in their own Home Based Business.

Online Income Opportunities.

The FIRST thing you will need if you want to generate income with your computer is to find a good, reputable company that offers an income opportunity. This income opportunity usually comes in the form of an Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Programs come in many different guises but generally speaking if a company offers an Affiliate program it means they will allow you to sign up as their "Affiliate" or Independant Representative and market their product or service for them.

The company then PAYS YOU MONEY (usually a percentage of the sale) whenever anyone YOU referred to the company makes a purchase.

I use a variety of different Affiliate programs to make money online, some of which you can find out about on my Income Opportunities page.

However the company I recommend as my Number #1 Work From Home Business Opportunity is called Global Domains International (GDI)

Global Domains International (GDI)

There are a number of reasons why you should consider Global Domains International for your home business website requirements. I have listed below some of the most important reasons:

  1. GDI is a solid, reputable, USA based, "INC500" listed company.

  2. ONE simple registration gets you your own domain name AND website hosting.

  3. Your GDI account includes a sophisticated but user-friendly "browser based" website builder - nothing to download or install on your own computer (runs inside your normal website browser e.g. Internet Explorer) and you can create an entire website without knowing a single word of HTML!

  4. GDI also offers one of the most popular Affiliate Programs in the Online Home Business industry. You have to pay for hosting anyway right? Why not choose a company that pays you back and turn the expense of website hosting into an extra income stream!

  5. GDI are currently offering a full 7 Day FREE Trial - you can trial the whole system (including domain registration, hosting and the GDI income opportunity) right now for FREE and never pay a cent if you decide it's not for you. Try before you buy!

  6. And the best part? If you DO decide to continue after your 7 Day FREE Trial your total commitment for all of the above is only $10 per month!

Click here to learn more and start YOUR 7 Day FREE Trial TODAY!

Online Marketing Systems.

Once you have chosen a suitable Income Opportunity or Affiliate Program, you will need a proven and easy to implement System to help you market and grow your business.

Why is following a system so important to successful internet marketing?

Well, as ALL truly successful people will tell you, in order to succeed at anything in life you need to do the things that successful people are already doing.

In other words, you need to do the things that already work. You need to follow a system that has already proven itself to get the results you desire.

(Besides, simply starting a home based internet business and waiting for sales and money to fall into your lap will get you nowhere!)

There are many marketing systems and tools available on the internet to help you build a successful home internet business, some of which you'll find on my Marketing Tools page.

However my Number #1 Recommended Internet Business Success System is Michael Cobb's will not only guide you step-by-step how to successfully market and grow just about ANY online business opportunity, it will also give you most of tools you need, AND teach you how to use them too. (a.k.a. HIT) has helped me immensely in my endeavours to earn an online income (including helping me build this website!) and I recommend it to anyone looking to make money from home with their computer.

Lifetime Free Membership Now Available!

 Click here for details!

You Need Traffic!

Ok, so you have taken the opportunity to get yourself a domain and begun building yourself a WebSite.

This is only the beginning, a WebSite by itself won't do anything!

It must have traffic if it is to survive, thrive and generate income. Getting targeted web traffic isn't easy, it takes time, effort and requires some investment on your part.

But guess what??

I am about to introduce to you a way of getting laser targeted traffic to your site using free Google tools plus a few web 2.0 services you can sign up for at no cost. It will still require a little effort but the system is ingenious and works like a charm.

For further information please visit:-

Laser Targeted Traffic for FREE!

Click here to get Zeeshme! Traffic Creator

Now Turbocharge Your Traffic & Advertising!

Now you can generate a growing flood of traffic & online advertising automatically, without spending a dime! 

Zeeshme! Traffic Creator is a new site that will boost your web traffic and get your promotions in front of more visitors, guaranteed. 

How does it work?  Simple. 

You make 1 small change in what you're doing (takes about 30 seconds) and that's it!  You will see MORE web traffic and MORE ad views automatically.

And the best part is that the traffic you get CONVERTS! 

Too many so-called traffic tools focus on hits or visitors, but  that's useless UNLESS you get new signups and sales.  And that's where Zeeshme! Traffic Creator shines...they show PROOF of the amazing conversion rates and you'll need to see it to believe it!

Drive more visitors to your website and get your promotions in front of 1,000s. This thing is great, and it's unlike anything I've seen. 

The easiest way to explain it is for you to see it for yourself. 

Just go here....

More Information.

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To your success and prosperity,

Marty Lauritsen

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